still life with pear, pitcher and roll by lennart anderson

Lennart Anderson

Still Life with pear, pitcher and roll, 1968

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nu debout by balthus


Nu debout, 1957

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tigre marchant by antoine-louis barye

Antoine-Louis Barye

Tigre Marchant


composition by albert bitran

Albert Bitran

Composition, 1963

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vue de saint tropez by blanche augustine camus

Blanche Augustine Camus

Vue de Saint Tropez

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dos amigos by leonora carrington

Leonora Carrington

Dos Amigos


vase printemps by jean cocteau

Jean Cocteau

Vase Printemps


les trois yeux by jean cocteau

Jean Cocteau

Les trois yeux


still life with watermelon and newspaper by konrad cramer

Konrad Cramer

Still Life with Watermelon and Newspaper, ca. 1920


standing nude by marcel damboise

Marcel Damboise

Standing nude

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ontogenese by jean dubuffet

Jean Dubuffet

Ontogenese, 1975


medea or femme aux serpents by leonor fini

Leonor Fini

Medea or Femme aux serpents

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monhegan fishermen in moonlight by james fitzgerald

James Fitzgerald

Monhegan Fishermen in Moonlight


roses dans un vase by pierre félix fix-masseau

Pierre Félix Fix-Masseau

Roses dans un vase, 1910


interieur cubiste a la guitare by ismael gonzález de la serna

Ismael González de la Serna

Interieur cubiste a la guitare, 1927

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phenomena-shoulder to sun by paul jenkins

Paul Jenkins

Phenomena-Shoulder to Sun, 1981

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