Vantage Point 2011

Vantage Point 2011

passengers by steven assael

Steven Assael

Passengers, 2008

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back entrance: williamsburg, massachusetts by gregory joseph gillespie

Gregory Joseph Gillespie

Back Entrance: Williamsburg, Massachusetts, 1972

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mother, daughter, and son by chaim gross

Chaim Gross

Mother, Daughter, and Son, 1980

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self portrait (with rubber stamp) by susan hauptman

Susan Hauptman

Self Portrait (with rubber stamp), 2010

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untitled (blue jeans) by sean henry

Sean Henry

Untitled (Blue Jeans), 2010

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lucy after shampooing by jules pascin

Jules Pascin

Lucy after Shampooing, 1926

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dawn by hugo robus

Hugo Robus

Dawn, 1931

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bypassing the historical split by tula telfair

Tula Telfair

Bypassing the Historical Split, 2011

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