Tom Hammick: Night Sky

Tom Hammick: Night Sky

Wednesday, March 20, 2013Saturday, April 20, 2013

London, United Kingdom

Tom Hammick's work is concerned with using landscape as metaphor: for the human condition, states of mind, and a sense of love and loss for our natural world.

Expanding upon his recent exploration into depictions of the English landscape through the aesthetics of Japonism, Hammick's new woodcuts show an alteration into his approach to space.

He confronts the relationship between figure, ground and pattern with the conjunction of inside and outside spaces. Flattening and stretching the expanse within the composition, he creates a utilitarian minimalism of the basic components of a picture.

As the viewer experiences these works together, they witness (Hammick create) a journey through several panoramas. Hammick stretches a visual narrative across the surface of the picture; the same lone figures reappear through several of his compositions, altering senses of time.

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This exhibition is taking place at the Cork Street location.