Planet Jiro

Planet Jiro

London, United Kingdom Friday, April 19, 2013Saturday, May 11, 2013

London, United Kingdom
Friday, April 19, 2013Saturday, May 11, 2013

Flowers Gallery will host an exhibition of Jiro Osuga's work to celebrate the launch of his new website Planet Jiro. A large projection of his new interactive site will be on view throughout the show enabling the viewer to experience the website while surrounded by his work. The exhibition will culminate in a live auction of the work featured in the show on Thursday 9th May.

Built by Jiro himself, Planet Jiro immerses the visitor into a new and unexpected exploratory method of using the web. Frustrated by constantly encountering insurmountable and all too familiar formats to view artwork online, Osuga saw a potential in the World Wide Web as a medium to innovate a purely visual and interactive way of navigation.

Visitors to Planet Jiro enter Osuga's perspective on life; piloting by way of buttons and scroll bars. Upon clicking the planet's London button the viewer is faced with a pictorial view of the city in which Osuga has been a resident for over thirty years. A choice of landmarks including Opera, Observatory, Bike Lane, Park, Museum, Tube, Shops and the Stadium transport the viewer to each place. Here, they are free to unearth further interlinking levels revealing paintings along the way; carving a perpetual journey through Osuga's world.

Select Flat or Me for a more intimate view of Osuga's world. Turn the key in the Flat door and put the light on, visit each room to explore his painting studio, kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom. Here, paintings to find and uncover depict Osuga accidentally drilling through walls, a monstrous reflection in the bathroom mirror, Streatham News - A pin falls in Streatham, spilling milk and Osuga at his desk building Planet Jiro. Me takes you to the inner corners of Osuga's mind with self-portraits: My Place in the World, Anger, Never-ending Sadness, Mt Fuji on My Back or Pulling Faces.

Accompanying the projection of Planet Jiro a selection of paintings will be exhibited in the space. Arranged to mimic a journey through the website, artworks will be London based and feature a variety of themes, sizes and formats. Flowers Gallery will host a live auction on the evening of the 9th May. For those unable to attend absentee and telephone bids will be accepted.

For additional information visit the Flowers Gallery website.

This exhibition is taking place at the Kingsland Road location.