Patrick Hughes

(British, b. 1939)

matissue by patrick hughes

Patrick Hughes

Matissue, 2012

miro in the mirror by patrick hughes

Patrick Hughes

Miro in the Mirror, 2012

my room by patrick hughes

Patrick Hughes

My Room, 2012

pop op by patrick hughes

Patrick Hughes

Pop Op, 2012

stores by patrick hughes

Patrick Hughes

Stores, 2010

the end of infinity by patrick hughes

Patrick Hughes

The End of Infinity, 2010



Born: Birmingham, UK
Illusions, Louis K Meisel, New York (solo)
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (solo)
Multiple Perspectives, Belloc Lowndes Fine Art, Chicago (solo)
Improperspective, Flowers West, Santa Monica (solo)
Reverse Perspectives, Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto (solo)
Certain Realities, Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto, Canada (solo)
Flowers East at London Fields, London (solo)
Hyperspective, Flowers West, Santa Monica (solo)
Flowers Central, London (solo)


The Genius of Perverspective, Marigold Fine Art, New Delhi (solo)
Patrick Hughes ­ Perspective, Harvey Nichols, Dubai (solo)
Patrick Hughes and Mark Mizgala, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver (solo)
Perspectivirtuoso, Flowers East, London (solo)
Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto
Galerie Boisseree, Cologne
Superspectivision, Scott Richards Contemporary Art
Prints In Between, Flower Graphics, London
Perspectrum, Flowers New York
Aspenspective, Sardella Fine Art, Aspen, Colorado

Public Collections

Birmingham Museums and Art Galleries
Denver Art Museum
Glasgow Museum and Art Gallery
Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Wisconsin
Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, North Carolina
Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery
The Lousiana Museum, Denmark
Victoria and Albert Museum
Würth Museum, Germany