Russian Art

Russian Art covers a range of styles and movements, including classical painting, beginning with the establishment of the Russian Academy of Arts in the mid-18th century, and lasting through the 19th century with the advent of Neoclassicism and Romanticism, through Realist painting, the Russian avant-garde, and Soviet Art.

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Vika Shumskaya
#22 From the series Vanishing Archive
6,000 EUR (0 US$)
Vlad Yurashko
Captured With Light
9,000 EUR (0 US$)
Olga Chernysheva
Untitled (Three figures on the pier). From the series Ship Deonisius
2,500 EUR (0 US$)
Gregori Maiofis
With time, a bear may even be taught to dance
6,400 EUR (0 US$)
Arkadi Petrov
Brown Tonometer. From the series Erotic Square
13,000 EUR (0 US$)
Alexandr Sigutin
Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image. From the series Ten Commandments. Suprematist Ligature
8,000 EUR (0 US$)
Alexandr Sigutin
Supremus with hagiography. From the series Hagiography of Supremuses
7,000 EUR (0 US$)
Alexandr Sigutin
Assumption. Suprematic Barocco. From the series Hagiography of Supremuses
7,500 EUR (0 US$)
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