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 Apollo Magazine, London, United Kingdom
 Galerie Photo 12 / Fine Photographs, Paris, France; Santa Monica, CA, USA
 3 Punts Galeria, Barcelona, Spain
 AC Fine Art, Sarasota, FL, USA
 ACRIA – Aids Community Research Initiative of America, New York, NY, USA
 Alice Adam Ltd., Chicago, IL, USA
 Adamson Gallery/ Adamson Editions, Washington, DC, USA
 Brooke Alexander, Inc., New York, NY, USA
 American Illustrators Gallery, New York, NY, USA
 Andipa Gallery, London, United Kingdom
 Antiquariat Bibermühle, Ramsen, Switzerland
 ARCHEUS / POST-MODERN, London, United Kingdom
 Ars Docet, New York, NY, USA
 Art Plural Gallery, Singapore, Singapore
 Art Projects International, New York, NY, USA
 Artistics, Paris, France
 asart, Bangkok, Thailand; Norwich, United Kingdom
 Atlas Gallery, London, United Kingdom
 Ballard Fine Art, West Vancouver, BC, Canada
 Baron Boisante Editions, New York, NY, USA
 Beers London, London, United Kingdom
 Beetles and Huxley, London, United Kingdom
 Belgis-Freidel Gallery, Syosset, NY, USA
 Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal, QC, Canada
 Bengtsson Fine Art, Landskrona, Sweden
 Denis Bloch Fine Art, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
 Ferrara Blue Gallery, Three Oaks, MI, USA
 C.G. Boerner, New York, NY, USA; Düsseldorf, Germany
 Galerie Boisserée, J. & W. Boisserée GmbH, Cologne, Germany
 Tulla Booth Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY, USA
 Galerie Alexis Bordes, Paris, France
 Boreas Fine Art, Evanston, IL, USA; Chicago, IL, USA
 Brandler Galleries, Essex, United Kingdom
 F.L. Braswell Fine Art, Chicago, IL, USA
 Lisa Brown Consulting, Dallas, TX, USA
 Jenna Burlingham Fine Art, Hampshire, United Kingdom
 C Fine Art, New York, NY, USA
 Galeria Cadaqués - Huc Malla, Cadaques, Girona , Spain
 Carroll and Sons, Boston, MA, USA
 Castle Gallery, Lisburn, United Kingdom
 Caviar20, Toronto, ON, Canada
 CCA Galleries, Surrey, United Kingdom
 William McWillie Chambers III, New York, NY, USA
 Elizabeth Clement Fine Art, Danvers, MA, USA; Gloucester, MA, USA
 Contessa Gallery, Cleveland, OH, USA
 Conzen, Düsseldorf, Germany; Cologne, Germany
 Coskun Fine Art, Geneva, Switzerland
 Counter Editions, London, United Kingdom
 Crown Point Press, San Francisco, CA, USA
 Derriere L'Etoile Studios, Long Island City, NY, USA
 Desert Casino, Union City , NJ, USA
 Die Kunstagentin, Cologne, Germany
 Terry Dintenfass, Inc., New York, NY, USA
 dnj Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, USA
 Dolan/Maxwell Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA
 Edition Domberger, Filderstadt, Germany
 Drake Fine Art, Prairie Village, KS, USA
 Dranoff Fine Art, New York, NY, USA
 Cynthia Drennon Fine Arts, Inc., Santa Fe, NM, USA
 Driscoll Babcock Galleries, New York, NY, USA
 Dubner Moderne, Lausanne, Switzerland
 Dumbo Auction, an affiliate of Rare Posters, Brooklyn, NY, USA
 Eduardo Secci Contemporary, Florence, Italy
 Elaine Fine Art, Torrance, CA, USA
 Exhibit A Fine Art and Editions, Short Hills, NJ, USA
 Eyestorm, London, United Kingdom
 Fashion Pictures Inter'l, New York, NY, USA
 Feroz Galerie, Bonn, Germany
 Galerie Fetzer, Sontheim an der Brenz, Germany
 Galerie Fluegel-Roncak, Nuremberg, Germany; Munich, Germany
 Skot Foreman Fine Art, New York, NY, USA; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
 Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland
 Framont, Greenwich, CT, USA
 Eric Franck Fine Art, London, United Kingdom
 Kenneth A. Friedman & Co., Calabasas, CA, USA
 Stephen Friedman Gallery, London, United Kingdom
 Galerie Kellermann, Düsseldorf, Germany
 Galerie Ravin, Nashville, TN, USA
 Galerie St. Etienne, New York, NY, USA
 Galerie-F, Kranenburg, Germany
 Gilden's Arts Gallery, London, United Kingdom
 Galerie Glöckner, Cologne, Germany
 Goldmark Gallery, Rutland, United Kingdom
 Goya Contemporary & Goya-Girl Press, Baltimore, MD, USA
 Graffik Gallery, London, United Kingdom
 Graphicstudio/U.S.F., Tampa, FL, USA
 Dominic Guerrini Fine Art, London, United Kingdom
 Christophe Guye Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland
 Hackett | Mill, San Francisco, CA, USA
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