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Andy Warhol
Reigning Queens: Queen Margrethe
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 19Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
 99 Cents Fine Art, New York, NY, USA
 AC Fine Art, Miami, FL, USA
 Artco France, Ambleville, France; Paris, France
 ArtConsult M√ľnchen, Munich, Germany
 Austin Art Projects, Palm Desert, CA, USA
 Galerie Bruno Bischofberger AG, Zurich, Switzerland; St. Moritz, Switzerland
 Denis Bloch Fine Art, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
 Leo Castelli, New York, NY, USA
 Caviar20, Toronto, ON, Canada
 Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin, Germany; Hamburg, Germany
 Elizabeth Clement Fine Art, Danvers, MA, USA; Gloucester, MA, USA
 Compagnia dell'Arte, Serravalle, Republic of San Marino
 Coskun Fine Art, Geneva, Switzerland
 Dranoff Fine Art, New York, NY, USA
 Fiendish Dolan Suzuki, London, United Kingdom
 Skot Foreman Fine Art, New York, NY, USA; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
 Galerie Ravin, Nashville, TN, USA
 Great Dane Collection, Philadelphia, USA
 Hamilton-Selway Fine Art, West Hollywood, CA, USA
 Guy Hepner, West Hollywood, USA
 Hill Gallery, Birmingham, MI, USA
 Hus Gallery, London, United Kingdom
 Ikon Ltd./Kay Richards Contemporary Art, Santa Monica, CA, USA
 Galerie Alexis Lartigue, Neuilly, France
 Galerie Laurent Strouk, Paris, France
 Lionel Gallery, Laren, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
 Markowicz Fine Art, Miami, FL, USA
 AW Massey Fine Art, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA; Park City, UT, USA
 McCaffrey Fine Art, New York, NY, USA
 ModernMasters Fine Art/Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis, IN, USA
 OCA Gallery, Berlin, Germany
 Esthella Provas & Associates, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
 Susan Sheehan Gallery, New York, NY, USA
 Taglialatella Galleries, New York, NY, USA
 The Taylor Gallery, Belfast, Ireland
 UNIX, New York, NY, USA; Miami, FL, USA
 Whitford Fine Art, London, United Kingdom
 Galerie Wild, Muehlhausen, Germany; Zurich, Switzerland
 Wooster Projects, New York, NY, USA
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