Impressionist and Modern Art

Radicals in their time, the Impressionists rallied against the rules of academic painting and, as such were the early founders of Modern Art. Modern Art generally begins around the 1860s and concludes when the Contemporary Art movement starts.

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Marsden Hartley
Mount Katahdin, Snow Storm
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Wang Ming
The Search of Infinite Cosmic World
circa 1964
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Léon Augustin LHermitte
Repos, Effet de Grand Soleil, Moisonneur Endormi, Mezy
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Eduard von Grützner
The Satisfied Winemaker
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Emilie Preyer
Still Life with Grapes and Peaches
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John Atkinson Grimshaw
The Pool and London Bridge at Night
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William Russell Flint
The Locket – Cecilia, Nov 5th 1964
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Robert Gemmell Hutchison
Gathering Bait & Wading
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Carl Robert Holty
Woman by the Sea
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