Impressionist and Modern Art

Modern Art rejected the past as a model for creating art, and was characterized by pure originality, innovation, and experimentation. Modern Art is largely thought to have originated with the Impressionists, who rallied against the rigid academic standards of the day. Other movements associated with Modern Art include Cubism, Futurism, and Expressionism.

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Henrietta Shore
From my Studio Window
25,000-35,000 CAD (20,047-28,065 US$)
Maurice de Vlaminck
Bois à La Jonchère
Price on Request
Louis Valtat
Giroflées, Cruche Marron
Price on Request
Maximilien Luce
La Bievre près du Paris
circa 1890
Price on Request
Daniel Ridgway Knight
Tending the Flowers
Price on Request
Eduard von Grützner
The Satisfied Winemaker
Price on Request
Léon Augustin L'Hermitte
Repos, Effet de Grand Soleil, Moisonneur Endormi, Mezy
Price on Request
Francis Picabia
Le Cheval
Price on Request
Francis Picabia
Chats et Personnages
Price on Request
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