Impressionist and Modern Art

Modern Art rejected the past as a model for creating art, and was characterized by pure originality, innovation, and experimentation. Modern Art is largely thought to have originated with the Impressionists, who rallied against the rigid academic standards of the day. Other movements associated with Modern Art include Cubism, Futurism, and Expressionism.

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Joaquín Torres García
Naturaleza muerta con objetos estructurados
Price on Request
Pablo Picasso
Le Danseur, Tête d'Histrion (The Dancer, Head of an Actor)
Price on Request
Georges Braque
Hommage à J. S. Bach
Price on Request
Fernand Léger
La voiture d’enfant
Price on Request
Herman Maril
Still Life
Price on Request
Pablo Picasso
Deux Femmes
Price on Request
Kenneth Lauder
Boy with Butterfly Net
circa 1952
Price on Request
Hugó Scheiber
Self Portrait with Cigar
12,000 US$
Albert Gleizes
Decoration for the Moscow Train Station
5,000 US$
Pablo Picasso
Joueur de Mandoline
Price on Request
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