Impressionist and Modern Art

Modern Art rejected the past as a model for creating art, and was characterized by pure originality, innovation, and experimentation. Modern Art is largely thought to have originated with the Impressionists, who rallied against the rigid academic standards of the day. Other movements associated with Modern Art include Cubism, Futurism, and Expressionism.

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Scott Christensen
Clearing Storn – Oxbow Bend
Moses Levy
Price on Request
Joe Duncan Gleason
Smuugler's Cove, Laguna Beach, California
Price on Request
Clark Hobart
Blue and Violet
circa 1912
Price on Request
Carl Sammons
Chuperosa, Palm Springs
Price on Request
Maynard Dixon
Crossing the Plains (untitled)
Price on Request
Thomas Hart Benton
Flood "Mississippi Backwater"
16,500 US$
Hans Hofmann
circa 1931
Price on Request
Alexander Calder
Spirale Rouge et Bleu
circa 1970
Price on Request
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