Impressionist and Modern Art

Radicals in their time, the Impressionists rallied against the rules of academic painting and, as such were the early founders of Modern Art. Modern Art generally begins around the 1860s and concludes when the Contemporary Art movement starts.

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Charles Ephraim Burchfield
Wallpaper Design No. 1
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Louis Marie de Schryver
Le marchand de fleurs, Paris
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Vivian Maier
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Marie Laurencin
Portrait d’Anne Turquet de Beauregard
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Hippolyte Petitjean
Mythological Scene en Arcadia
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Fred Darge
Untitled (Packhorse and Rider)
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Marsden Hartley
Mount Katahdin, Snow Storm
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Wang Ming
The Search of Infinite Cosmic World
circa 1964
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