Impressionist and Modern Art

Modern Art rejected the past as a model for creating art, and was characterized by pure originality, innovation, and experimentation. Modern Art is largely thought to have originated with the Impressionists, who rallied against the rigid academic standards of the day. Other movements associated with Modern Art include Cubism, Futurism, and Expressionism.

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Robert Capa
SPAIN. January 3rd, 1938. Aragon front. Battle of Teruel. Republican soldiers inside the Governor's Palace, the last bastion of the Fascist resistance. Earlier that day the Republicans had detonated mines powerful enough to blow away an entire wall.
Price on Request
George Hurrell
Loretta Young Tyrone Power
Price on Request
Gilberte Brassaï
circa 1934
Price on Request
Aaron Siskind
Jerome, Arizona
20,000-25,000 US$
Helen Levitt
New York City (broken mirror)
circa 1940
15,000-20,000 US$
Fred Herzog
Flaneur, Granville
circa 1960
8,000-10,000 US$
Ho Fan
5,000-15,000 US$
Roger Mertin
Plastic Love Dream
3,000-5,000 US$
Ray K. Metzker
30,000-45,000 US$
Ray K. Metzker
Matched Pair
30,000-40,000 US$
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