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Art Schools, Berry-Hill Galleries, Inc.
Mary Cassatt
Nude Dark-Eyed Little Girl with Mother in Patterned Wrapper
Berry-Hill Galleries, Inc.

Art Schools, Butler Fine Art
Michael Bergt
Butler Fine Art

Art Schools, Pensler Fine Art
Oscar Florianus Bluemner
West Palisades
Pensler Fine Art

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 Aaron Galleries, Glenview, IL, USA
 Abby M. Taylor Fine Art LLC, Greenwich, CT, USA
 ACA Galleries, est. 1932, New York, NY, USA
 Addison Rowe Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, USA
 Adelson Galleries, New York, NY, USA
 American Illustrators Gallery, New York, NY, USA
 Arcature Fine Art, Palm Beach, FL, USA
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