View galleries offering Hudson River School and Early American Art for sale, and choose from a wide selection of artworks in their inventory.

Art Schools, Berry-Hill Galleries, Inc.
Mary Cassatt
Nude Dark-Eyed Little Girl with Mother in Patterned Wrapper
Berry-Hill Galleries, Inc.

Art Schools, Butler Fine Art
Michael Bergt
Butler Fine Art

Art Schools, Pensler Fine Art
Oscar Florianus Bluemner
West Palisades
Pensler Fine Art

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 Galerie Ronny Van de Velde


 Galerie Ronny Van de Velde


Montreal, Quebec

 Heffel Fine Art

Ottawa, Ontario

 Heffel Fine Art

Toronto, Ontario

 Heffel Fine Art
 Mayberry Fine Art

Vancouver, British Columbia

 Heffel Fine Art
 Uno Langmann Limited Fine Art

Winnipeg, Manitoba

 Mayberry Fine Art



 Pace Gallery
 de Sarthe Gallery

Hong Kong

 de Sarthe Gallery



 Galerie Laurent Strouk



 Moeller Fine Art


 Galerie Wild



 Galerie Wild

United Kingdom


 Osborne Samuel
 Pace Gallery


Aspen, Colorado

 Ann Kendall Richards, Inc.

Berkeley, California

 George Krevsky Gallery
 Gallery Sam

Brooklyn, New York

 Hanover Square Gallery

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

 Avery Galleries

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

 Gallery Diamante

Charlotte, North Carolina

 McColl Fine Art

Chicago, Illinois

 KM Fine Arts
 Alan Koppel Gallery
 Madron LLC
 Rosenthal Fine Art, Inc.

Dallas, Texas

 Hall Galleries, Inc.
 Southwest Gallery
 Russell Tether Fine Art

East Hampton, New York

 Vered Gallery

Englewood, New Jersey

 Borghi Fine Art

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

 Pocock Fine Art & Antiques

Greenville, Delaware

 Somerville Manning Gallery

Greenwich, Connecticut

 Abby M. Taylor Fine Art LLC
 Cavalier Galleries

Guilford, Connecticut

 Thomas Colville Fine Art, LLC

Hingham, Massachusetts

 Pierce Galleries, Inc.

Hopkins, Minnesota

 F.B. Horowitz Fine Art, Ltd.

Houston, Texas

 McClain Gallery
 Meredith Long & Company
 Parkerson Gallery

Kensington, Maryland

 Osuna Art

Lambertville, New Jersey

 Jim's of Lambertville

Lincoln, Nebraska

 Kiechel Fine Art

Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

 Frank E. Fowler Representing Andrew Wyeth

Los Angeles, California

 KM Fine Arts
 Herbert Palmer Gallery

Madison, Connecticut

 Susan Powell Fine Art
 Janus Galleries

Manlius, New York

 The Caldwell Gallery

Miami, Florida

 Robert Funk Fine Art

Millerton, New York

 Eckert Fine Art

Nantucket, Massachusetts

 Cavalier Galleries
 Pierce Galleries, Inc.

Naples, Florida

 The Darvish Collection, Inc.

New Canaan, Connecticut

 Butler Fine Art

New Orleans, Louisiana

 Callan Fine Art
 M.S. Rau Antiques
 Vincent Mann Gallery

New York, New York

 Abby M. Taylor Fine Art LLC
 ACA Galleries, est. 1932
 Adelson Galleries
 American Illustrators Gallery
 Berry-Hill Galleries, Inc.
 Jonathan Boos
 Cavalier Galleries
 Thomas Colville Fine Art, LLC
 Davis & Langdale Company, Inc.
 Terry Dintenfass, Inc.
 Driscoll Babcock Galleries
 Elrick-Manley Fine Art, Inc.
 David Findlay Jr Gallery
 Debra Force
 Godel & Co. Fine Art
 James Graham & Sons
 Hammer Galleries
 Hirschl & Adler Galleries
 Frederick Hudson Fine Art
 Kraushaar Galleries Inc.
 Betty Krulik Fine Art Limited
 Janet Marqusee Fine Arts Ltd.
 Barbara Mathes Gallery
 MK Fine Art, Inc.
 MME Fine Art, LLC
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