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 Galeria Jacques Ardies, São Paulo, Brazil
 Artistics, Paris, France
 Artspace II, Birmingham, MI, USA
 Adam Baumgold Gallery, New York, NY, USA
 Russell Bowman Art Advisory, Chicago, IL, USA
 Dierking, Zurich, Switzerland
 Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA
 Skot Foreman Fine Art, New York, NY, USA; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
 Galerie St. Etienne, New York, NY, USA
 GINA Gallery of International Naïve Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
 Heather James Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA, USA; Jackson, WY, USA
 Galerie Hell, Munich, Germany
 Hill Gallery, Birmingham, MI, USA
 Dean Jensen Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, USA
 Ricco/Maresca, New York, NY, USA
 SCHEUBLEIN + BAK, Zurich, Switzerland
 Shepherd / W & K Galleries, New York, NY, USA
 Sragow Gallery, New York, NY, USA
 Allan Stone Projects, New York, NY, USA
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