Contemporary Realism

Contemporary Realism is characterized by a straightforward and realistic approach to representation. It is distinct from Photorealism, which is defined by slightly exaggerated, ironic depictions of its subject matter, instead advocating for a simpler, more representative style of painting.

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Daniel Kohn
Table Horizon I
Price on Request
Isabel Bishop
Lunch Hour
circa 1950
Price on Request
E. Sandorfi
Selfportrait with kids shoes
Price on Request
Tian Taiquan
Totem Recollection No.4
Price on Request
Otto Duecker
Fortune Teller
Price on Request
Luther Pokrant
Sandbar Inn
Price on Request
Daniel Sprick
Interior with Navajo Blanket
Price on Request
Karuna Panumes
Bali Days
4,500 US$
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