19th-Century European and British Art

The 19th century in Europe and Great Britain saw the expansion of industrialization, and the emergence of a new working class. These developments inspired a variety of artistic movements, including Realism, Romanticism, and the Pre-Raphaelites, all of which laid the foundation for Modernism.

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Caspar Johann Nepomuk Scheuren
Romantische Landschaft
Price on Request
Carl von Marr
Das Warten auf frohe Kunde
Price on Request
Hermann Kaulbach
Johann Sebastian Bach bei Friedrich den Grossen in Sansouci
Price on Request
Georg Köbel
Südliche Küstenansicht im Mondschein
Price on Request
Christian Heuser
A Good Read
4,000-6,000 GBP (6,155-9,232 US$)
Heywood Hardy
Good News
45,000-55,000 GBP (69,241-84,628 US$)
Giovanni Grubas
L'Escalier des Géants à Venise
10,000-15,000 GBP (15,387-23,080 US$)
Alfred Augustus Glendening Sr.
Rest by the Wayside & Punting along the River
8,000-12,000 GBP (12,310-18,464 US$)
Cornelius David Krieghoff
Indian Hunters, Lake St. Charles
circa 1858
Price on Request
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