19th-Century European and British Art

The 19th century in Europe and Great Britain saw the expansion of industrialization, and the emergence of a new working class. These developments inspired a variety of artistic movements, including Realism, Romanticism, and the Pre-Raphaelites, all of which laid the foundation for Modernism.

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Augustin Marie Paul Marcotte de Quivières
Le plus court chemin (The Shortest Way)
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Frederick Richard Pickersgill
A Scene from The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser; The Contest of Beauty for the girdle of Florimel—Briomartis Unveiling Amoret
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Pierre Eugène Montézin
Pêcheur en Barque au Bord de la Rivière
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Benjamin Williams Leader
Worcestershire Cottage Homes, Evening
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Emile Keymeulen
Paysage Animé
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Friedrich Fehr
Drei Ballerinen
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Victor Gabriel Gilbert
The Flower Seller
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Tina Blau-Lang
Im Wiener Prater
circa 1885
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Pair of Louis Phillipe Pylonic Ebonized and Brass Mounted Open Stands Cum Bookshelves
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