19th-Century European and British Art

The 19th century in Europe and Great Britain saw the expansion of industrialization, and the emergence of a new working class. These developments inspired a variety of artistic movements, including Realism, Romanticism, and the Pre-Raphaelites, all of which laid the foundation for Modernism.

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir
La danse à la campagne (The Dance in the Country)
circa 1890
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Julien Dupré
La jeune laitiere avec son troupeau
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Eugène Boudin
Le Port de Trouville
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Benjamin Williams Leader
A Summer Stream
45,000-55,000 GBP (68,327-83,510 US$)
Jean-Léon Gérôme
A Collaboration (Molière and Corneille)
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Antonio Schranz
An Alpine Lake in Summer
circa 1868
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Francis Criss
Mural Study
circa 1930
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Charles Caryl Coleman
View of Bagni di Tiberio, Capri
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Paul Cornoyer
Place de l'Étoile, Paris
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Emile Munier
A Boy Holding a Branch of Berries
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