19th-Century European and British Art

The 19th century in Europe and Great Britain saw the expansion of industrialization, and the emergence of a new working class. These developments inspired a variety of artistic movements, including Realism, Romanticism, and the Pre-Raphaelites, all of which laid the foundation for Modernism.

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Adolph von Menzel
Coffee Time in Kissingen
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Edward Ladell
Still Life with Plums, Grapes, and White Currants
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Pierre Carrier-Belleuse
Les Danseuses
circa 1894
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Emile Vernon
Portrait of a Woman
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Gustav Klimt
First Viennese Secessionist Poster, Uncensored
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George Graham
View Across the Bridge at Avignon
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Arthur David McCormick
A Pirate's Discussion
circa 1919
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Camille Pissarro
Les Gardeuses de Vaches
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John Atkinson Grimshaw
Late Autumn on the Esk
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Adolf Schreyer
Rastende Araber
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