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0 Field Art Center, Beijing, China
007 Art Agents, Beijing, China
1/1 CAJA DE ARTE, Buenos Aires, Argentina
 10 Chancery Lane Gallery - Katie de Tilly Contemporary Artists, Hong Kong, China; China
Galerie 10, Vienna, Austria
Gallery 10, Sutter Creek, CA, USA
Gallery 10, Ltd., Washington, DC, USA
10.2! Dieci. Due! International Research Contemporary Art, Milan, Italy
Galeria 10/10, Mexico City, Mexico
Galerie 100, Berlin, Germany
100 kubik - Raum für spanische Kunst, Cologne, Germany
 100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
1000 Eventi, Milan, Italy
 101/EXHIBIT, West Hollywood, CA, USA; Los Angeles, CA, USA
Gallery 105, Marshall, MI, USA
108 Fine Art, Harrogate, United Kingdom
108 Rosebery Ave, London, United Kingdom
Galerie 10er-Haus, Gmunden, Austria
Gallery 10G, New York, NY, USA
Gallery 110, Seattle, WA, USA
Galeria 111, Lisbon, Portugal; Porto, Portugal
Gallery 111, Barrie, Canada
111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA
Gallery 114, Portland, OR, USA
116 Art Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand
119 Gallery, Lowell, MA, USA
12 12 Gallery, Richmond, VA, USA
Galerie 12, Innsbruck, Austria
123 Gallery Miami, Miami, FL, USA
Gallery 1261, Denver, CO, USA
Gallery at 129 Ossington, Toronto, ON, Canada
Galeria 13, Mexico City, Mexico
Gallery 133, Toronto, ON, Canada
Gallery 138, New York, NY, USA
14 Sculptors Gallery, New York, NY, USA
14-1 Galerie, Stuttgart, Germany
1405 Art Gallery, New York, NY, USA
Gallery 148, Holywood, United Kingdom
 Galerie 1492, Paris, France
Gallery150, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
15a - Galerie & Sculpture Garten, Lochem, The Netherlands
Gallery 16, San Francisco, CA, USA
16 Patton, Asheville, NC, USA
Galleri 17, Stockholm, Sweden
Gallery 177, Northampton, United Kingdom
GALLERIA D’ARTE 18, Bologna, Italy
1822 Forum, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
18Gallery, Shanghai, China
18m, Berlin, Germany
Galeria 19, Guanajuato, Mexico
Gallery 19/21, Guilford, CT, USA; Paris, France
Galerie 1900-2000, Paris, France
1918 ArtSPACE, Shanghai, China
198 Gallery, London, United Kingdom
Gallery 1988, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Galerie 1990, Eisenstadt, Austria
19Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
1a Space, Hong Kong, China
1artmunich, Munich, Germany
1point618, Cleveland, USA
1st Floor Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
2 Swiaty, Krakow, Poland
20 Hoxton Square, London, United Kingdom
20 North Gallery, Toledo, OH, USA
 Galerie des 20. Jahrhunderts, Basel, Switzerland
20.21 Galerie Edition Kunsthandel, Essen, Germany
20:08 Gallery Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MO, USA
2000 & NOVECENTO Galleria d'Arte, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Galerie 2000 (CAN), Montreal, QC, Canada
2010 Gallery, Kansas City, MO, USA
Galerie 208 Chicheportiche, Paris, France
Gallery 20C, Naples, FL, USA
20th Century Objects, Toronto, ON, Canada
Gallery 21 (Germany), Wiesbaden, Germany
212 Gallery, Aspen, CO, USA
21st Publishers of Fine Art Photography Books, South Dennis, MA, USA; Rochester, NY, USA
Galerie 22, Hamburg, Germany
Gallery 22, Cincinnati, OH, USA
Gallery 221, New York, NY, USA
Gallery 222, Leesburg, VA, USA
23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, OR, USA
234 Gallery Hannah & Co, Wellfleet, MA, USA
Gallery 238, Dorking, United Kingdom
Galerie d'art 249, Saint-Sauveur, QC, Canada
Galeria 24b, Oeiras, Portugal
Galerie 27, Paris, France
Gallery 28 Fine and Functional Art, Geneva, IL, USA
291 Gallery, London, United Kingdom
Gallery 2910, Dallas, TX, USA
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