Tom Sanford: Bad Religion

Tom Sanford: Bad Religion

Thursday, June 21, 2007Saturday, August 18, 2007

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tom Sanford
Bad Religion
New Works
June 21.- August 18., 2007

Bad Religion is Tom Sanford’s second solo exhibition at Galleri Faurschou. The show marks a departure for Tom Sanford as he has left the exploration of Hip-hop culture behind and now presents us with his personal account of the American condition, at present, four years into the current holy war in Iraq.

Tom Sanford’s iconography reflects how American religiosity manifests through the popular imagination. Since the Cold War, according to Tom Sanford, the United States has defined itself as a moral nation – a nation of believers: America is God’s country. Since the retreat of godless Communism, American armies have marched around the world delivering God’s democracy and capitalism to the wretched of the earth. However this American crusade is one riddled with contradiction, as they slaughter those they claim to liberate, baptise their bodies in crude oil and sell them their sinful false idols.

Presented to us are Tom Sanford’s critical versions of the iconography of Christianity, Islam and modern religious movements such as Scientology. In his manner of depicting both Western and non-Western leaders, Tom Sanford argues that political leaders abuse their religiosity in promoting other causes.

Also present are new types of religious worship, the celebrity, whose every move is well documented in the media as well as omnipresent company logos, presented as golden icons, symbolising our worship of consumption.

In this exhibition, Sanford highlights the significance, and the continuous influence, that American culture, media and politics exert over us. Everything from American films, actors, politicians, companies, sports teams, religious leaders make up that which Tom Sanford refers to as Bad Religion.

The opening is Thursday June 21st from 5-7 p.m., where the artist will be present.