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INTER RUPTION - A Break in the Continuity of the Interstitial Space    Jul 14 - Aug 25, 2012

Composition Warner Studio (on green)
Composition Warner Studio (on green), 2012
Gedi Sibony
Untitled, 2012
Gedi Sibony
Untitled, 2011
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Curated by Kim Light

Opening: Saturday, July 14th 2012 from 6-8pm

Interruption is a meditation on looking at
what was once mundane, but now essential.

Historically the roots of abstraction are embedded in Analytical Cubism, and from that an entire century of debate has grown—one which is still alive and well. That debate continues within the nuances of these various artists by addressing the liminal space between painting, sculpture and the photographic. The idea itself is the transformation between comfort and confusion: a new subjectivity that signifies the questioning of “art objecthood,” a reaction to the issues of authorship, mechanization, technology, commoditization, consumerism and the index. More specifically, artists are creating and addressing “imaginative perception,” a pictorial language that interrupts the pleasure and ease of looking by fragmenting the continuity of a basic serial structure.

That framework now becomes absent and interstitial space becomes the primary focus as it moves to the foreground. Looking at interstices creates an unpredictable hybridization through the crashing of space—the attacking, destroying, cutting, tearing, crashing, or secretly replacing the normal and habitual manner of perception.

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