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Miami Project 2013 Booth #911    Dec 3 - Dec 8, 2013

007 [Ecstasy]
Beverly Fishman
007 [Ecstasy], 2013
Blank Bart [Ecstasy]
Beverly Fishman
Blank Bart [Ecstasy], 2013
Clover [Ecstasy]
Beverly Fishman
Clover [Ecstasy], 2013
Crown [Ecstasy]
Beverly Fishman
Crown [Ecstasy], 2013
Gold Obama (Ecstasy)
Beverly Fishman
Gold Obama (Ecstasy), 2013
Homer (Ecstasy)
Beverly Fishman
Homer (Ecstasy), 2013
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Beverly Fishman

Consisting of urethane paint over wood, Beverly Fishman's glossy new wall reliefs deal with issues of drugs, branding, and identity, while simultaneously constructing a dialogue with the history of minimalist and pop sculpture. Ranging from 25 inches to more than 6 feet in size, they are inspired by Fishman's research into the use of design strategies by pharmaceutical companies as well as purveyors of illegal drugs. In both cases, drug producers use shapes and colors to mark their products as distinct, to promote brand loyalty, and to instill a desire to consume in the mass psyche. In addition, our societies' chemical "pushers" often develop specific iconographies in order to appeal to their consumers’ sense of their own identities, conforming their pharmacological merchandise to their target audiences’ particular tastes, desires, beliefs, and ideals. Through this collection of unique wall sculptures, Fishman provokes reflection on our contemporary global condition in which drugs are used construct and contest identity, employing scale shifts and chromatic juxtapositions in order to turn tiny commodities into large signs and corporate logos that promise health, beauty, pleasure, and the transcendence of death. The reflective surfaces, physical presence, and phenomenological impact these socially critical works, created through Fishman's distinctive combination of industrial and hand-based practices, emphasize the pervasiveness of our medicalized condition, which extends from the physical to the virtual and from the personal to the political.

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