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Evren Sungur: Tour De Force    Mar 16 - Apr 8, 2012

Recent works of the young artist Evren Sungur are at Galeri Zilberman in Misir Apt.

Having been educated on architecture and sculpture, Evren Sungur interprets, through his much peculiar, pictorial style, the women-men relationships of the patriarchal order in his second personal exhibition titled “Tour de Force”.

Focusing his look on inter-personal intimate relationships, in his large-sized portraits, Sungur, takes as a theme for his painting a series of narratives to be resolved by the audience. Struggles made and wars fought to possess women, the women’s being an object of desire in the patriarchal order, the women’s confrontation with their power while men try practicing their power through them and the tension arising from all these topics, reflect upon the works of the artist with the most stressed states of color.

Much as the relationships a person establishes with other people, the relationship a person establishes with the space surrounding her / him is one of the topics problematized by the artist. While the distinction of whether it is an inner, or an outer space re-defines itself each time based on point of view, the young artist leaves the audience alone with a series of questions. With an intimacy shyof disguising their own reality and having a hard time fitting the places they are in, the figures, as much as emphasizing the violence of the show, also highlight locational structuressymbolizing the inner entrapments of the human self.

As the spiritual and physical pressures humankind has accumulated up to this point visualize themselves, in Sungur’s paintings, as a method of handling this problem, the audience, beyond a passive action of viewing, is invited to play a game where they are withdrawn into being witnesses of an interrogation. “Tour de Force”, Evren Sungur’s first exhibition in Galeri Zilberman could be viewed between the dates March 16 and April 8.

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