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In the Threshold, Volkan Kızıltunc    Sep 13 - Oct 19, 2013

Volkan Kiziltunc
Beach, 2010
Cage I, Nevsehir
Volkan Kiziltunc
Cage I, Nevsehir, 2004-2005
Crust, Istanbul
Volkan Kiziltunc
Crust, Istanbul, 2010
Douche, Kilyos
Volkan Kiziltunc
Douche, Kilyos, 2004-2005
Flavour Factory, Gaziantep
Volkan Kiziltunc
Flavour Factory, Gaziantep, 2004-2005
Footprint, Gaziantep
Volkan Kiziltunc
Footprint, Gaziantep, 2004-2005
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MERKUR is hosting one of the succesful young artists Volkan Kiziltunc’s solo exhibition, titled ‘[In] The Threshold’ in the new season. Solo exhibition of Volkan Kiziltunc,[In]The Threshold is consisting of video and photography works he recorded in European cities especially around Istanbul and London in between 2004-2012 will be meeting together with the viewers in between 13 September- 19 October 2013.

While artist is seeking for he traces of reality with his photographs by means of visual evidences of situations in between past and future, at the same time he’s addressing the two dimensional boundary of photography and creates a poetic link between still and the moving image in his exhibition; [In] The Threshold.

In his photography works, Volkan Kiziltunc is transferring the topographical inferencences of the cities besides from the people’s interactivity with this topography and the traces of reality they left behind. The young artist who’s seeing himself as ‘’ a meticulous observer of the city’’ always prefering to stand a bit beyond the ‘photographical moment’. In the city explorations he departs, he’s transferring the visual evidences of situations stucked [in] the threshold between past and future with his unique language of photography. At the same time in his video works especially in his silent video ‘ The Unspectacular’ which’s relying on displacement and forced gentrification as a strategy to interrogate place and time; he presents us not only with documentation of this ephemeral moment during times of transformation, but also Kızıltunç offers to the viewer a moment of cinematographical observation and contemplation. With the first participation of Turkey, Volkan Kiziltunc was awarded as the Turkish winner of ESSL ART AWARD CEE 2013, which is organized by ESSL Contemporary Art Museum Vienna in between Central and Eastern European young artist. His awarded video work ‘ The Unspectacular ‘ can also be seen within the exhibition of ‘Transcending Cultures’ in ESSL Contemporary Art Museum in Vienna after 12 December 2013.

11 colour, 9 monochrome photographs and 3 video installations can be seen in Merkur Gallery in between 13 September- 19 October 2013 in the solo exhibition of Volkan Kiziltunc, who’s indicated in between the new rising generation of Turkish artists.

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