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Zhong Biao "Home of Others": A Retrospective Exhibition     Jun 23 - Sep 7, 2010

Olyvia Fine Art is proud to present ‘Home of Others’, a retrospective exhibition of Zhong Biao’s finest work.

A fantasy-realist painter of the highest order and technique, Zhong Biao’s critically acclaimed, internationally successful work makes him one of the most widely recognized contemporary Chinese artists working today. His work has been exhibited throughout Asia, Europe and more recently - North America.

In ‘Home of Others’ we can see Zhong Biao’s painterly early-evolution unfolding over a ten-year period. In Biao’s early realist compositions, the viewers’ perspective is warped and attention is drawn to localised concentrations of colour. While in later works, large tracts of void canvas surround disconnected objects and imagery, which are implausibly placed - often floating or out of perspective, but are harmoniously composed and realized as a whole.

Zhong Biao’s body of work explores the coexistence of seemingly unrelated objects and symbols and highlight the change in their significance over time. Consistently in his work there is a central figure and an "other" figure. These figures stand independently but are in fact strongly correlated and illustrate more complex behaviour and relationships patterns.

Zhong Biao also uses common Chinese symbols of social reform, Cultural Revolution as well as capitalist clichés, to capture the pulse of China's socio-political reforms. The passage of these Chinese objects and symbols through time represent physical memories of a culture, which juxtaposed with a Boeing aircraft or a McDonalds sign represent the chaotic and disharmonious nature of the current world.

Born in 1968 in Chongqing, Zhong Biao studied at the Zhejiang Fine Arts Academy. He is now a professor at the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. His painting has won international acclaim for its avant-garde, almost proto-surrealist style.

Like many of his fellow artists working in mainland China today, Zhong Biao’s work is an investigation into the identity of a nation. Focusing his work on the country’s rapidly advancing transformation—whether it be economic, emotional, cultural or political—Zhong Biao has acutely caught the extreme nature of the contemporary moment. His paintings are primarily works of cultural juxtaposition. Combining images and figures from different times and spaces, he seeks to unearth the nation’s ‘visual archaeology’ whereby he ‘cuts a section from the visual symbols people are familiar with, then takes out those fragmented symbols from the cultural deposits of different times, and lastly arranges and combines them in a unique way,’ as Pi Li notes. Zhong Biao’s work is a type of self-exploration into his own questions about history and modernity. Painting within a culture that is besieged by consumerism, he looks back to traditions which many now consider outdated and conservative and attempts to resurrect their importance in the eyes of his contemporaries and emphasize their continued importance in China’s cultural identity.

"More than anything, my art is an art which searches for order….I search for the order that belongs to the era of today, taking coincidence as a theory of methodology that can explain its everyday connection with the omnipresent"

Zhong Biao

Zhong Biao had several museum exhibitions in Asia, including Jakarta’s Yuz Art Museum in 2009, Beijing’s China Art Museum and Wall Art Museum in 2008, and also very recently at the Cuba Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, and the Denver Museum (USA). His works are held in the public collections of the Guangdong Museum of Art, Gwangju Museum of Art, Shanghai Art Museum, and the Singapore Art Museum.

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