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Miao Xiaochun : Microcosm    Mar 14 - May 3, 2009

Miao Xiaochun
Advance, 2009
Miao Xiaochun
Chess, 2008
Miao Xiaochun
Desire, 2008
Miao Xiaochun
Destruction, 2008
Miao Xiaochun
Fatalism, 2008
Miao Xiaochun
Fullness, 2008
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Miao Xiaochun : Microcosm’,the first grand exhibition represented by ARARIO BEIJING 2009,is about to show more than 20 pieces of works : the 3-dimentional animation of Microcosm, nine panel complex work, digital ink and wash painting ;drawing and embroiders.

As one of the most representive artists of China’s new media art, from early realism photograph to 3-dimentional work ‘The Last Judgment in Cyberspace’,H2O series and other works,Miao Xiaochun has always focused on the humanities, history and reality from the sociology and art history angle. The latest work are showing in ARARIO BEIJING Space 1 ‘Microcosm’ fully employed the most advanced computer technology, take classic paintings as a foundation of visual express structure, to create a series of outlandish modern montage images and virtual reality. In views of subjective definitions toward historical images, Miao Xiaochun’s Microcosm is based on Dutch master Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delight. He changed the traditional Chinese idiom ‘Looking up the Sky from the Well’ to ‘Looking down the Well from the Sky’ ( the literary translation of ‘Microcosm’). If the idiom ‘looking up the sky from the Well’ implicates a person with limited sight and knowledge was impossible to understand the nature of stuff, the idiom ‘Looking down the Well from the Sky’ would inversely signify a person located in a macro environment to examine micro things-----even if the angle of views is changed, the limitations of observation could keep the same. This is the very meaning of this work.

Microcosm is not created to recover the very truth of the historical images, but it is transformed and deducted new actual implied meaning within the image system. It could be to deconstruct the internal meanings of history by personal emotions of artist, or to create a psychological medium analysis. It is recreated modern images in the tangled relations among reality and virtual world, familiarity and strangeness, intimacy and alienation and ego and non-ego.

The ‘ Miao Xiaochun : Microcosm’exhibition in ARARIO BEIJING, outter space 1 also is exhibited including C-print photos in independent motives,drawing,digital ink and wash painting, embroiders and other series.These works expand the technique of expression and the limitation of materials, take the 3-dimentional effect as a medium, utilize the character of one medium to recover, translate, imitate, mix another one. To build a specious and spectacular realm of new art within 3-Dimentional world and 2-dimentional world.

Reference : ( user name :arariobeijing password :1210) see non-member files, download the files-“Microcosm” you could have more details, including the press release(chinese and English version)and related images of the works.

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