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Jane Park Wells: Pollen Fields    Oct 19 - Nov 23, 2013

Pollen Fields (Bloom #5)
Jane Park Wells
Pollen Fields (Bloom #5), 2013
Pollen Fields (Buds #2) (diptych)
Jane Park Wells
Pollen Fields (Buds #2) (diptych), 2013
Pollen Fields (Full Bloom) (triptych)
Jane Park Wells
Pollen Fields (Full Bloom) (triptych), 2013
Pollen Fields (Seeds #2)
Jane Park Wells
Pollen Fields (Seeds #2), 2013
Pollen Fields (Seeds #3 and #4) (diptych)
Jane Park Wells
Pollen Fields (Seeds #3 and #4) (diptych), 2013
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In her current body of work, Jane Park Wells continues her long-standing approach of working within the parameters of the grid. In past work, she employed this self-imposed system as a vehicle for exploring rhythms in music, movement in traditional Korean dance and growth structures in trees and vines. In this series, she looks to cycles in the natural world.

As in previous series, each piece holds a network of undulating lines that are guided by constraints of the grid, but never quite resolve into regularity. The sweeping lines, which appear to be a mass of improvised layering, are actually carefully choreographed. She achieves a loose rhythm that approximates the freedom expressed by a dancer's steps and symbolizes the controlled chaos present in nature.

In Pollen Fields, images of plants in various stages of life are collaged within the lattice of her variously colored lines. The series is divided accordingly into three groups: bloom, buds and seeds. While photographs of flowers and seeds play an allegorical role in the work, as an abstract painter, Wells also uses the imagery as a formal element. As the various visual benchmarks pay celebratory tribute to death and regeneration that occurs in nature, the linework symbolizes the perpetuity of this cycle.

“Music and dance have been an important inspiration for my work,” Wells states. In these new works, the dance suggested is a more powerful universal force that animates all living things. Color, line and texture weave together rhythmically to create the energetic heartbeat of this vibrant dance of life.”

Jane Park Wells received her art education from Scripps College (BFA) and Claremont Graduate University (MFA).

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