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Decorative Art  and Antiques from The Art Collection, Inc.

Set of Three Flower-Encrusted Meissen Vases (D-86)
The Art Collection, Inc.

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Vienna, Austria

 Janine Arnold Art Consulting

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

 Uno Langmann Limited Fine Art

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

 Knight Galleries International

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

 Les Modernes

Paris, France

 Galerie Félix Marcilhac
 Galerie Jacques Lacoste
 Galerie Jean Louis Danant
 Galerie Jean-Marc Lelouch
 Galerie Patrick Seguin
 Galerie Vallois

Bamberg, Germany

 Senger Bamberg Kunsthandel

Cologne, Germany

 F.G. Conzen

Düsseldorf, Germany

 F.G. Conzen

Munich, Germany

 Daxer & Marschall Kunsthandel

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

 The Barakat Gallery

London, United Kingdom

 Tadema Gallery
 The Barakat Gallery

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

 Savvy Collector

Tucson, Arizona, USA

 Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery

Los Angeles, California, USA

 Leslie Sacks Fine Art
 MLA Gallery
 Morateur Gallery, Docantic

San Francisco, California, USA

 Jeffrey Spahn Gallery

Santa Barbara, California, USA

 Kim Kieler Gallery

West Hollywood, California, USA

 The Barakat Gallery

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

 Pocock Fine Art & Antiques

Naples, Florida, USA

 Marine Arts Gallery

St. Augustine, Florida, USA

 Lost Art Gallery

Chicago, Illinois, USA

 Harlan J. Berk Ltd.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

 M.S. Rau Antiques

Kensington, Maryland, USA

 Osuna Art

Hingham, Massachusetts, USA

 Pierce Galleries, Inc.

Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA

 Pierce Galleries, Inc.

Salem, Massachusetts, USA

 Marine Arts Gallery

Birmingham, Michigan, USA

 Artspace II

Lambertville, New Jersey, USA

 Jim's of Lambertville

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

 Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery

Great Neck, New York, USA

 The Art Collection, Inc.

New York, New York, USA

 Carlton Hobbs LLC
 Didier Aaron
 Erik Thomsen
 Hirschl & Adler Galleries
 James Graham & Sons
 Jason Jacques Inc.
 Kelly Gallery
 Puccio Fine Art
 Shepherd / W & K Galleries
 Throckmorton Fine Art, Inc.
 Todd Merrill 20th Century and Studio Contemporary
 Vanita Fine Art & Antiques, Inc.

Roslyn, New York, USA

 The Art Collection, Inc.

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

 Charles Jones African Art
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