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Doing and Non-Doing

Doing and Non-Doing

#01980 by bill weiss

Bill Weiss

#01980, 2010

#01997 by bill weiss

Bill Weiss

#01997, 2011

#01994 by bill weiss

Bill Weiss

#01994, 2011

#01990 by bill weiss

Bill Weiss

#01990, 2011

#01986 by bill weiss

Bill Weiss

#01986, 2011

#01985 by bill weiss

Bill Weiss

#01985, 2011

Thursday, March 15, 2012Saturday, April 14, 2012

New York, NY USA

Opening reception: Thursday, March 15, 6-8pm
Catalog available

The Elizabeth Harris Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition titled Doing and Non-Doing by Bill Weiss. This exhibition will be his fifth with the gallery.

Weiss recently wrote about his work:

“My group of paintings, titled “Doing and Non-Doing”, is primarily concerned with the exploration of the process by which they are made. “Doing” is painting with conscious intent; “Non-Doing” is painting without conscious intent. There is a dance, a give and take, between these two modes of action. This is characteristic, in a general sense, within the tradition of Gestural Abstraction.

As this type of gestural mark making is applied, imagery suggestive of both the natural and the man-made world begin to appear as if by their own volition. There is a curious attraction to the developing image and opposed to this there is a pulling away from the forming image in order to keep the painting open, suggesting future possibilities. Within the painting, this process promotes unexpected and unplanned events. There is a parallel here with the processes of growth and change in the Nature.

From the historical viewpoint, this concept is not simply a reprise of Abstract Expressionism. The goal is not to define and defend ones existential territory. The goal is to join with a larger context outside of individual identity. The conscious, rational mind is not central here.”

Bill Weiss was born in Irvington, NJ. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in zoology. After college he traveled extensively throughout Europe for the purpose of studying western art. During that trip he began to draw and to consider devoting his time to painting. Weiss is an autodidact in as much that he never attended an art college. His art is informed by a deep study of philosophy with an emphasis on Eastern religious philosophy, specifically Zen Buddhism and Taoism. Weiss moved to New York in 1989 for the purpose of deepening his knowledge of contemporary art and to create paintings from within the New York cultural community. He currently lives in Brooklyn and maintains a studio in Manhattan.

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