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Salvador Dali - From Museums to DTR Modern

Salvador Dali - From Museums to DTR Modern

Thursday, October 8, 2009Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boston, MA USA

This October DTR Modern Galleries is showing select pieces and rare complete suites from the world’s most comprehensive private collection of Salvador Dali graphic works. The show includes the never before displayed complete suites of ‘Carmen’, ‘Marquis de Sade’, ‘Tricorne’, ‘Dalinean Horses’, ‘Tauromachie’, ‘Divine Comedy’ and ‘Chosen Pages from Don Quichote’, among others.

DTR Modern Galleries recently acquired this rare collection of Salvador Dali graphic works, comprising of over 2,000 pieces and valued at over $20,000,000. This precious compilation was assembled over a span of 40 years of research and dedication by a private Palm Beach connoisseur; the majority of the collection acquired directly from the artist.

Many works from this varied collection are currently on exhibit in museums throughout Europe. DTR invites you to partake in a special opportunity to survey and acquire a rare Dali for your collection.

This tremendous show commences on Oct 8th, 2009.