Yeşim Akdeniz: Those Opposing and Those Sympathizing

Yeşim Akdeniz: Those Opposing and Those Sympathizing

elleri yumusacikti / his hands were very soft by yesim akdeniz

Yesim Akdeniz

elleri yumusacikti / his hands were very soft, 2014

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Abdi Ipekçi Caddesi No:7/4 Nisantasi 34367
Istanbul, Turkey

Yeşim Akdeniz: Those Opposing and Those Sympathizing

MARCH 12 – APRIL 1, 2014

Yeşim Akdeniz’s second solo exhibition at Dirimart after a three year break Those Opposing and Those Sympathizing is taking place between 12th of March and 1st of April 2014. Each of the 100 pieces on display depict 100 teapots, from which male heads facing away reach out from distinct teapots. Male figures lacking identities embodied in these visions, which confront us with an almost obsessive repetition, become distinguishing through the feminine forms they are portrayed with.

Patterns of Yeşim Akdeniz become objectified inside frames, some of which are peculiarly designed for the piece; and some of which are simply found. Each one of these object-patterns are named after lines from Ulrike Meinhof’s Bambule (1970). It was found inconvenient and banned until 1994 due to its content composed of sexual abuse, oppressive order and social inequality exposed to the students of a sorority.

Works of Yeşim Akdeniz are articulated as the synthesis of Eastern and Western cultural milestones with the artist’s imagination. In the works of the artist, who has been examining the breaking points of expression system for more than a decade, by playing an ironic game between contemporary forms of vision production and abstract art; gender theme falls into figures rendered in different states of mind and social roles.

Yeşim Akdeniz graduated from Arts Academy of Düsseldorf in 2002. Between the years 2002 and 2004, she lived in Amsterdam within the scope of De Ateliers Residency programme. Since 2003, she has had solo exhibitions at Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, İstanbul, London and Zurich. In 2006, she recieved Peter Mertes scholarship of Bonn Kuntsverein. Her pieces, which were given workshop scholarship by Garanti Platform in 2009, have been exhibited at art institutions such as Museum of Modern Art at Wien (MAK), Saatchi Gallery, Steldeljik Museum, Kunstverein Frankfurt, Los Angeles Guggenheim Gallery.