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Xawery Wolski

Xawery Wolski

Miami, FL, USA Saturday, November 12, 2011Tuesday, January 31, 2012
collar by xawery wolski

Xawery Wolski

Collar, 2005

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Miami, FL, USA
Saturday, November 12, 2011Tuesday, January 31, 2012

XAWERY WOLSKI Polish Visual artist, who currently lives and works in Mexico City. The predominant techniques of his artwork are sculpture, drawing and the art-object. He focus his artistic activity to experiment with terracotta, bronze, steel, seeds, and natural fibbers, in order to synthesize certain organic forms while intended to impregnate them with a spiritual, complex and thoughtful energy.

Although his technique is closer to a handcraft tradition for represent specific concepts, the artist has created artworks that must be addressed beyond the material use it. Concerning to the idea that has been leaded his art practice, this could be defined as an interest in building bridges between artistic heritage and personal concerns, as he stated in an recent interview: "Understanding that ... humans beings have a desire for freedom, for happiness, seek love, complicity, approval ... we fear to disease, misfortune, death ... merge our beliefs and gods from these implications ... and eventually no matter which cultural patterns, social or moral we are inclined, we only seek to communicate."