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Loris Cecchini

Loris Cecchini

Miami, FL, USA Wednesday, December 5, 2012Thursday, January 31, 2013
embryoids (detail) by loris cecchini

Loris Cecchini

Embryoids (detail), 2012

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Miami, FL, USA
Wednesday, December 5, 2012Thursday, January 31, 2013

Diana Lowenstein Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by international artist Loris Cecchini from December 5th, 2012 through January 31st, 2013. A reception will take place at the gallery during the December Wynwood Gallery Walk on Saturday, December 8th, from 6 to 10pm.

In Cecchini’s work photography, drawing, sculpture and installation combine to form a unified poetics, the cardinal element of which is transfiguration. The subjects that appear include multiple collages and detailed architectural models, objects in rubber, reinvented caravans and tree houses, structurally distorted spaces, and prismatic, transparent covers and surfaces. The variety and morphology of the elements constantly interrelate in a continuous alternating process of deconstruction and reconstruction located in the interchange between the physical reality of the materials and a virtualized presence.

In both his photographs and sculptures, the revision of a wide-ranging notion of the ‘model’ involves the reworking of familiar forms from our everyday lives, which are transferred into an altered vision that challenges the viewer’s perceptions. Using subtle digital processing methods, the artist superimposes snatches of reality onto physical/virtual scenarios constructed by means of studio models, creating various situations that lie somewhere between the plausible and the paradoxical.

Loris Cecchini was born in Milan in 1969 and currently lives and works in Berlin as well as Tuscany. His art has been exhibited extensively throughout Europe and around the world.