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Basel, Switzerland

 Galerie des 20. Jahrhunderts

Brooklyn, New York, USA

 Urban Architecture Inc.

Chicago, Illinois, USA

 Alan Koppel Gallery

Cologne, Germany

 gabrielle ammann // gallery

Geneva, Switzerland

 Galerie Patrick Gutknecht

London, United Kingdom


Los Angeles, California, USA

 Morateur Gallery, Docantic

Milan, Italy

 Galleria Paola Colombari

Munich, Germany

 Galerie der Moderne Stefan Vogdt
 Galerie MaxWeberSixFriedrich

New York, New York, USA

 DeLorenzo Gallery
 Eric Appel Antiques
 Frank Rogin Inc.
 Todd Merrill 20th Century and Studio Contemporary

Paris, France

 Galerie André Hayat
 Galerie Jean Louis Danant

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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