Art Nouveau and Art Deco

Popular at the turn of the century through the First World War, Art Nouveau draws inspiration from the natural world, utilizing organic, sinuous lines and flowing shapes. In contrast, Art Deco emphasizes linear, angular shapes, streamlined forms, and geometric patterns, and came to epitomize the Jazz Age of the 1920s and 1930s.

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Tiffany Studios
'Lotus Pagoda' table lamp
circa 1906
Price on Request
Jean Dunand
Monumental urn
circa 1912
Price on Request
Eileen Gray
Folding “Block” Screen
circa 1925
Price on Request
Armand-Albert Rateau
Circular vanity with hinged mirror top
circa 1930
Price on Request
Franz Hofstotter
Sehr seltene Lötz Vase / Very rare Loetz vase
circa 1911
9,000 EUR (9,909 US$)
Josef Hoffmann
Soliflor Vase
circa 1929
6,800 EUR (7,487 US$)
Josef Divèky
Emaillierte Plakette Cabarett Fledermaus / Enameled plaque Cabarett Fledermaus
circa 1910
6,500 EUR (7,156 US$)
Maison Keller
Pair of Art Deco Candelabra
Price on Request
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
A Pair of Ladderback Chairs for Miss Cranston's Willow Tearoom
Price on Request
Theodor Fahrner (Co.)
Jugendstil Bat Choker
circa 1900
Price on Request
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