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Basel, Switzerland

 Galerie des 20. Jahrhunderts

Brooklyn, New York, USA

 Urban Architecture Inc. / Keith Rennie Johnson A R T

Chicago, Illinois, USA

 Alan Koppel Gallery

Cologne, Germany

 gabrielle ammann // gallery

Dallas, Texas, USA

 Sally Rosen 20th Century Collections

Geneva, Switzerland

 Galerie Patrick Gutknecht

Glen Ridge, New Jersey, USA

 NL=US Art Consultancy

Hong Kong, China

 Pearl Lam Galleries

Jackson, Wyoming, USA

 Heather James Fine Art

Kensington, Maryland, USA

 Osuna Art

London, United Kingdom

 Carpenters Workshop Gallery
 The House of Fine Art

Los Angeles, California, USA

 101 Exhibit
 Couturier Gallery
 Morateur Gallery, Docantic

Miami, Florida, USA

 101 Exhibit
 Avant Gallery

Miami Beach, Florida, USA

 Avant Gallery

Milan, Italy

 Edizioni Galleria Colombari

Munich, Germany

 Galerie der Moderne Stefan Vogdt
 Galerie MaxWeberSixFriedrich

New York, New York, USA

 Artware Editions
 Avant Gallery
 DeLorenzo Gallery
 Eric Appel Antiques
 Frank Rogin Inc.
 Jason Jacques Inc.
 Las Venus
 Tina Kim Gallery
 Todd Merrill 20th Century and Studio Contemporary

Palm Desert, California, USA

 Heather James Fine Art

Paris, France

 Carpenters Workshop Gallery
 Galerie André Hayat
 Galerie Downtown - François Laffanour
 Galerie Félix Marcilhac
 Galerie Jacques De Vos
 Galerie Jacques Lacoste
 Galerie Jean Louis Danant
 Galerie Jean-Jacques Dutko
 Galerie Jean-Marc Lelouch
 Galerie Lefebvre
 Galerie Matthieu Richard
 Galerie Omagh - Nataf
 Galerie Patrick Seguin
 Galerie Vallois
 Galerie Vintage

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

 NL=US Art Consultancy

Sag Harbor, New York, USA

 101 Exhibit

San Francisco, California, USA

 Jeffrey Spahn Gallery

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

 TAI Modern

Shanghai, China

 Pearl Lam Galleries

Singapore, Singapore

 Pearl Lam Galleries

Sonoma, California, USA

 Sculpturesite Gallery

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Vienna, Austria

 Galerie Bei Der Albertina, Zetter GmbH
 Kovacek Spiegelgasse Gemaelde Glas

West Hollywood, California, USA

 101 Exhibit
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