Classical and Near-Eastern Antiquities

The ancient Mediterranean and the Neat East, including the cultures of Greece, Rome, and Egypt, are considered the cradle of civilization. Agriculture, writing, and centralized government are hallmarks of the ages that also produced timeless antiquities.

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An English alabaster retable of the Virgin and Child with Female Saints
circa 1440-1460
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A large volvelle astronomical calendar
circa 1455
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Votive Head Of A Young Boy
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Greek Bronze Corinthian Helmet
circa -600--501
95,000 US$
Extremely Rare Roman Folding Pocket Knife of a Gladiator
circa 1-150
15,000 US$
Late Hellenistic or Early Roman Bronze Acrobat or Wrestler
circa 200-1
9,500 US$
Etruscan Bronze Mirror
circa -400--201
7,000 US$
Roman Terracotta Erotic Lamp
circa 101-200
6,000 US$
Magna Graecia: Calene Ware "Arethusa Dekadrachm Kylix"
11,000 US$
Monumental Roman Bronze Torso
circa 201-300
285,000 US$
Minoan Sarcophagus
circa *-*
325,000 US$
Roman Marble Torso of Young Dionysos Wearing Panther Skin
circa 154-284
45,000 US$
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