Classical and Near-Eastern Antiquities

The ancient Mediterranean and Near East, including the cultures of Greece, Rome, and Egypt, produced some of the most recognizable and important antiquities ever created. The collection includes a range of objects, including vases, sculptures, busts, and ceremonial pieces.

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Minoan Sarcophagus
circa *-*
325,000 US$
Greek Bronze Corinthian Helmet
circa -600--501
95,000 US$
A Roman Cipollino Marble Hellenistic Torso After a Greek Original
circa -100
35,000 US$
An English alabaster retable of the Virgin and Child with Female Saints
circa 1440-1460
Price on Request
A large volvelle astronomical calendar
circa 1455
Price on Request
Votive Head Of A Young Boy
Price on Request
Extremely Rare Roman Folding Pocket Knife of a Gladiator
circa 1-150
15,000 US$
Late Hellenistic or Early Roman Bronze Acrobat or Wrestler
circa 200-1
9,500 US$
Etruscan Bronze Mirror
circa -400--201
7,000 US$
Roman Terracotta Erotic Lamp
circa 101-200
6,000 US$
Magna Graecia: Calene Ware "Arethusa Dekadrachm Kylix"
11,000 US$
Monumental Roman Bronze Torso
circa 201-300
285,000 US$
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