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Arms and armor encompasses a range of collectible weapons, helmets, and other military items from around the world, dating from antiquity through the 19th century.

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Pseudo-Corinthian Bronze Helmet
Price on Request
French School (18)
Tinder Pistol (Bonnehay / armorers active in Maubeuge in the 18th century)
Price on Request
Greek Bronze Corinthian Helmet
circa -600--501
95,000 US$
Lot 33: Bala Sword and Scabbard, Late 17th Century
20,000-30,000 US$
Lot 32: A Sword (Shamsheer) with a Shah Suleiman Seal and Scabbard, Damascus, 18th Century
20,000-30,000 US$
Lot 44: Collection of Five Ottoman Daggers, Ottoman, Early 19th Century
Price on Request
Lot 36: A Very Rare Damascene Sword with Watered Steel Blade, Signed Kalbo Ali
35,000-50,000 US$
Lot 35: A Rare Damascene Sword Signed Assadullah, Dated 18th Century
25,000-35,000 US$
Lot 34: A Rare Damascene Sword Known as “Shamieh”, Damascus, 18th Century
15,000-20,000 US$
Lot 31: A Sword and Scabbard, Ottoman Turkey, Dated AH 1023 (1614 AD)
Price on Request
Lot 30: A Sword and Scabbard, Ottoman Turkey, Early 19th Century
12,000-16,000 (0-0 US$)
Extremely Rare Roman Folding Pocket Knife of a Gladiator
circa 1-150
15,000 US$
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