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Set of Three Flower-Encrusted Meissen Vases (D-86)
The Art Collection, Inc.

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Wakelin and Linfield, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Walker-Poinsett Antiques & Fine Arts, Seattle, WA, USA
Walpoles, Kent, United Kingdom
Ward & Company Works Of Art, New York, NY, USA
The Warehouse, New York, NY, USA
Maria and Peter Warren Gallery, Wilton, CT, USA
 Wartski, London, United Kingdom
 Gordian Weber Kunsthandel, Cologne, Germany
Ed Weissman Antiques, Portsmouth, NH, USA
Lee Weitzman Furniture, Chicago, IL, USA
Welcome Home Antiques Limited, New York, NY, USA
Wellington Gallery, London, United Kingdom
Weschler's, Washington, DC, USA
Mark J. West Cobb Antiques, London, United Kingdom
West Neuk Gallery
Westland London, London, United Kingdom
Galerie Westphal, Berlin, Germany
Whisnant Galleries, New Orleans, LA, USA
White on White, New York, NY, USA
Jan Whitlock, Chadds Ford, PA, USA
Michael J. Whitman Antiques, Fort Washington, PA, USA
Sandra Whitman, San Francisco, CA, USA
Eli Wilner & Company, Inc., New York, NY, USA
Wilsons Antiques, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Windsor House Antiques Limited, London, United Kingdom
Louis Wine, Ltd., Toronto, ON, Canada
Winsor Antiques, Woodbury, CT, USA
Bob Withington Antiques, York, ME, USA
Woka Gallery Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Wolfs Gallery, Cleveland, OH, USA
Wooster Gallery, New York, NY, USA
 Polak Works of Art, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Wrap Art & Design, New Delhi, India
Linda Wrigglesworth Ltd., London, United Kingdom
Wright : Architectural Properties, Chicago, IL, USA
Wuehre 9 - Art Déco, Zurich, Switzerland
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