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Traditionally applied to the production of functional objects, Decorative Art encompasses many different aspects of interior design, including American, European, Asian, and African objects, from 19th-century carpets to Gothic cabinets.

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French School (17)
Missal Box (early 17th century)
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A Very Fine and Unusual Mahogany and Faux Bronze Demilune Pier Table from a Parisian Hotel Particulier in the Retour d’Egypt Taste, Almost Certainly by Jean-Baptiste Demay
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Italian School-Neapolitan (18)
Tray (Naples, Italy)
circa 1750
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Venetian School
Parade Plate
circa 1550
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Italian School-Sicilian (17)
Pendant (From Trapani, Italy / 17th century)
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François Louis Schmied
Composition et gravure sur bois pour les Douze Césars de Suétone
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