landscape by wolf kahn

Wolf Kahn

Landscape, 1984

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synchromy, kyoto by stanton macdonald-wright

Stanton MacDonald-Wright

Synchromy, Kyoto

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clifton house, pennsylvania by antonio pietro martino

Antonio Pietro Martino

Clifton House, Pennsylvania, 1929

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flowers: in white pitcher by alfred henry maurer

Alfred Henry Maurer

Flowers: In White Pitcher, 1926–1928

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painting no. 49 by michael michaeledes

Michael Michaeledes

Painting No. 49, 1964

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moroccan landscape by george l.k. morris

George L.K. Morris

Moroccan Landscape

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the gate by grandma moses

Grandma Moses

The Gate, 1954

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glass by walter tandy murch

Walter Tandy Murch

Glass, 1954

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yellow flowers by bror julius olsson nordfeldt

Bror Julius Olsson Nordfeldt

Yellow Flowers, 1937

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pmu #33 by roxy paine

Roxy Paine

PMU #33, 2007

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china doll by priscilla warren roberts

Priscilla Warren Roberts

China Doll, ca. 1960

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a sketch on the river by james jebusa shannon

James Jebusa Shannon

A Sketch on the River, 1896

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house across the fence by john french sloan

John French Sloan

House across the Fence, 1917

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kingston, ny by eugene edward speicher

Eugene Edward Speicher

Kingston, NY, ca. 1935

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untitled by theodoros stamos

Theodoros Stamos

Untitled, 1945

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disk harrow by andrew wyeth

Andrew Wyeth

Disk Harrow, 1996

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