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an arab thoroughbred at schloss blutenburg by albrecht adam

Albrecht Adam

An Arab Thoroughbred at Schloss Blutenburg, 1832

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view of the coliseum from the arch of constantine, rome by rudolf von alt

Rudolf von Alt

View of the Coliseum from the Arch of Constantine, Rome, 1872–1873

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cerf et biche [stag and doe] by antoine-louis barye

Antoine-Louis Barye

Cerf et Biche [Stag and Doe]

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a still life of vegetables with a hare / a still life of vegetables with a guinea pig by jacob samuel beck

Jacob Samuel Beck

A Still Life of Vegetables with a Hare / A Still Life of Vegetables with a Guinea Pig, ca. 1740

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a grey stallion (study for the painting titled ‘the entry of charles viii into florence’) by giuseppe bezzuoli

Giuseppe Bezzuoli

A Grey Stallion (Study for the Painting titled ‘The Entry of Charles VIII into Florence’), 1827–1828

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a ploughman with his horse, lake lucerne by johann jakob biedermann

Johann Jakob Biedermann

A Ploughman with his Horse, Lake Lucerne, 1813

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the temptation by carl blechen

Carl Blechen

The Temptation, 1829–1834

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pendants: two views of the ruined chapel at by etienne bouhot

Etienne Bouhot

Pendants: Two Views of the Ruined Chapel at, 1826–1827

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a portrait of a young woman as autumn and winter by charles (karoly) brocky

Charles (Karoly) Brocky

A Portrait of a Young Woman as Autumn and Winter, 1846–1850

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cattle watering at a fountain on the via appia antiqua by heinrich bürkel

Heinrich Bürkel

Cattle Watering at a Fountain on the Via Appia Antiqua, ca. 1837

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la tour, lake geneva by alexandre calame

Alexandre Calame

La Tour, Lake Geneva, 1845

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the agony in the garden by carlo innocenzo carlone

Carlo Innocenzo Carlone

The Agony in the Garden, ca. 1767

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full moon near pillnitz by carl gustav carus

Carl Gustav Carus

Full Moon near Pillnitz, after 1844

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the terrace of the villa doria pamphili, rome by jean-baptiste-camille corot

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

The Terrace of the Villa Doria Pamphili, Rome, 1826–1827

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mount vesuvius and the gulf of naples, seen from the terrace of the villa quisisana by johan christian clausen dahl

Johan Christian Clausen Dahl

Mount Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples, seen from the Terrace of the Villa Quisisana, 1820

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a mountain stream in the bavarian alps by georg maximilian johann von dillis

Georg Maximilian Johann von Dillis

A Mountain Stream in the Bavarian Alps, ca. 1830

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