Daxer & Marschall Kunsthandel

the eruption of vesuvius in the year 1813 by alexandre hyacinthe dunouy

Alexandre Hyacinthe Dunouy

The Eruption of Vesuvius in the Year 1813, ca. 1817

a swiss guard by jean barbault

Jean Barbault

A Swiss Guard, 1756

stormy sea with a steamer in distress by peder balke

Peder Balke

Stormy Sea with a Steamer in Distress, ca. 1850–1855

an arab thoroughbred at schloss blutenburg by albrecht adam

Albrecht Adam

An Arab Thoroughbred at Schloss Blutenburg, 1832

underbrush by a stream, dresden by christian friedrich gille

Christian Friedrich Gille

Underbrush by a Stream, Dresden, ca. 1830–1835

mountain landscape with a wanderer by august piepenhagen

August Piepenhagen

Mountain Landscape with a Wanderer, 1826

view of königstein on the elbe by barend cornelis koekkoek

Barend Cornelis Koekkoek

View of Königstein on the Elbe, 1858

the rhine valley near säckingen by hans thoma

Hans Thoma

The Rhine Valley near Säckingen, 1881

the fischerschlösschen in ebenhausen by karl roux

Karl Roux

The Fischerschlösschen in Ebenhausen, 1877

two goats on a rocky ledge by jacob philipp hackert

Jacob Philipp Hackert

Two Goats on a Rocky Ledge, 1775

narrow path in the campagna romana by anselm friedrich feuerbach

Anselm Friedrich Feuerbach

Narrow Path in the Campagna Romana, ca. 1860–1862

the agony in the garden by carlo innocenzo carlone

Carlo Innocenzo Carlone

The Agony in the Garden, ca. 1767

a mountain stream in the bavarian alps by georg maximilian johann von dillis

Georg Maximilian Johann von Dillis

A Mountain Stream in the Bavarian Alps, ca. 1830

cattle watering at a fountain on the via appia antiqua by heinrich bürkel

Heinrich Bürkel

Cattle Watering at a Fountain on the Via Appia Antiqua, ca. 1837

the basilica and monastery of s. croce in gerusalemme, rome, seen from the villa wolkonsky by carl vilhelm balsgaard

Carl Vilhelm Balsgaard

The Basilica and Monastery of S. Croce in Gerusalemme, Rome, seen from the Villa Wolkonsky, ca. 1872–1873

the monk and the young lady by karl blechen

Karl Blechen

The Monk and the Young Lady, 1829–1834