HONORÉ DAUMIER: Master Lithographer, Eyewitness to an Age

HONORÉ DAUMIER: Master Lithographer, Eyewitness to an Age

une maîtresse à l’opéra by honoré daumier

Honoré Daumier

Une Maîtresse à l’Opéra, 1845

rue transnonain, le 15 avril 1834 by honoré daumier

Honoré Daumier

Rue Transnonain, le 15 Avril 1834, 1834

enfoncé lafayette!... attrape mon vieux! by honoré daumier

Honoré Daumier

Enfoncé Lafayette!... Attrape mon vieux!, 1834

le passé, le present, l'avenir by honoré daumier

Honoré Daumier

Le passé, le present, l'avenir, 1834

Wednesday, May 5, 2010Friday, June 11, 2010

19 East 66th Street
New York, NY USA

HONORÉ DAUMIER: Master Lithographer, Eyewitness to an Age

May 5 - June 11, 2010

David Tunick has put aside a broad range of prints by Honoré Daumier for more than twenty-five years in preparation for a major exhibition. Now mounted on two floors of the firm's townhouse premises at 19 East 66th Street until mid-June 2010, the exhibition is the largest and most comprehensive ever devoted to the artist's lithographs in New York City.

Daumier (1808-1879) was a painter, sculptor, and printmaker, but he was best known for his lithography. Published in newspapers and journals widely circulated in France over a period of five decades, his images pilloried and lampooned politicians, royalty, aristocracy, the wealthy, and the powerful; they satired drunks and bumblers; they were sympathetic to the underclass, the weak, the masses, and other victims of the ruling class.

Daumier executed more than 4000 lithographs. The exhibition will consist of about 1000 prints from all periods of the artist’s output, of which about 70 will be on view in frames, with the rest accessible in print boxes. They will include his most famous images: Rue Transnonain, Enfoncé Lafayette, and Le Ventre Législatif, this last on loan from the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute. Some of the rarest images from early in Daumier’s career will be in the exhibition as well as hand-colored prints, including two extraordinary modèles used as the prototypes for the assembly line of colorists employed to put out the deluxe color editions that sold for a premium price during Daumier’s lifetime.

Many of the more uncommon images, among which are a few of the highly rare double-sheet size, come from the collection of William M. Ivins, Jr., the first curator of prints and drawings at the Metropolitan Museum. Also from Ivins: a sizable volume put together by Sarah Bernhardt of several theater subjects and many other subjects not on public view in many years.

This exhibition will be presented as part of the annual Masterworks of Six Centuries event that takes place every spring in conjunction with six other galleries on the Upper East Side - Didier Aaron, Dickinson, Richard L. Feigen & Co., James Graham & Sons, Moeller Fine Art, and Lawrence Steigrad Fine Arts.

For further information or photographs, including digital images, please contact Calvine Dunnan at cdunnan@tunickart.com or 212-570-0090.