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porterne des peupliers, blvd. kellerman by eugène atget

Eugène Atget

Porterne des Peupliers, Blvd. Kellerman, 1910

cigarette advertising by laure albin-guillot

Laure Albin-Guillot

Cigarette Advertising, 1930–1939

le baiser (the kiss), hotel de ville, paris, 1950<br /> printed: 1980s by robert doisneau

Robert Doisneau

Le Baiser (The Kiss), Hotel de Ville, Paris, 1950
Printed: 1980s

two calla lilies (daylight) by tom baril

Tom Baril

Two Calla Lilies (Daylight), 2002–printed: 2002

portrait of henry herschel hay cameron by julia margaret cameron

Julia Margaret Cameron

Portrait of Henry Herschel Hay Cameron, 1867–printed: 1867

slovak group at ellis island, 1905<br /> printed: 1921 by lewis wickes hine

Lewis Wickes Hine

Slovak Group at Ellis Island, 1905
Printed: 1921

theatre du vaudeville, paris by charles marville

Charles Marville

Theatre du Vaudeville, Paris, ca. 1868–ca. 1868

snuff shop by berenice abbott

Berenice Abbott

Snuff Shop, 1938–printed: 1938

first and second beauty composites by nancy burson

Nancy Burson

First and Second Beauty Composites, 1982–printed: 1982

le mont-blanc, vue du jardin de talefre by bisson frères

Bisson Frères

Le Mont-Blanc, Vue du Jardin de Talefre, ca. 1862–ca. 1862

la sombras de su ninez (the shadows of his youth) by luis gonzález palma

Luis González Palma

La Sombras de su Ninez (The Shadows of his Youth), 2004–printed: 2004

l'oranger (with shadow of photographer and his camera) by eugène atget

Eugène Atget

L'Oranger (with Shadow of Photographer and His Camera), ca. 1900–printed: 1900

hippodrome, thurles, ireland by henri cartier-bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Hippodrome, Thurles, Ireland, 1952–printed: 1966

le petit balcon by robert doisneau

Robert Doisneau

Le Petit Balcon, 1953

femmes aux fleurs, portugal (women with flowers) by edouard boubat

Edouard Boubat

Femmes aux Fleurs, Portugal (Women with Flowers), 1958–printed: 1981

modernist tree study against a riveted metal tank by andré kertész

André Kertész

Modernist Tree Study against a Riveted Metal Tank, ca. 1923