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Peter Steinhauer: Asian Markets

Peter Steinhauer: Asian Markets

ben thanh market, north entrance, saigon, vietnam by peter steinhauer

Peter Steinhauer

Ben Thanh Market, North Entrance, Saigon, Vietnam, 2013

bird cages, crawford market, mumbai, india by peter steinhauer

Peter Steinhauer

Bird Cages, Crawford Market, Mumbai, India, 2013

hogg street market chickens, kolkata, india by peter steinhauer

Peter Steinhauer

Hogg Street Market Chickens, Kolkata, India, 2013

vinh long market by peter steinhauer

Peter Steinhauer

Vinh Long Market

cho sa dec, vietnam by peter steinhauer

Peter Steinhauer

Cho Sa Dec, Vietnam, 2013

pasar johar semarang #1, semarang, central java, indonesia by peter steinhauer

Peter Steinhauer

Pasar Johar Semarang #1, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hong Kong, China

Peter Steinhauer – Asian Markets
Exhibition of Photographic Works with Sound Application

CONTEMPORARY BY ANGELA LI presents the solo exhibition of renowned photographer Peter Steinhauer, featuring his latest series of works taken throughout Asia. The large format photographs are shown with sound clips listened to via a mobile sound app downloaded onto the viewer’s own phone, for a full surround sound, Asian market appreciation.

In this exhibition, you will experience a cacophony of sounds, visuals and people…. this is the true essence of an Asian Market.

For the last year, Peter Steinhauer has been traveling to the central markets of Asia in an attempt to capture its continuously throbbing heart beat and effervescent atmospheres.

In addition to the visual aspect of these stunning photographs, Steinhauer also records the sounds of the markets, by incorporating an 'app' to the overall experience. The app features richly recorded stereo sound of activities of that particular image within the markets. By downloading the app and listening to the sound while viewing the photograph, the viewer can transport themselves right into the core of the markets, feeling and sensing their harmony and excitement.

In each image, Steinhauer is showing the market from the same vantage point. With his medium format, 60 and 80 megapixel cameras, 2.5 metres off the ground, the resulting photographs give us a unique perspective to view the markets. Initially, the eye is drawn to the bottom half of the image, then later to the top half, observing the structure and architecture of the building that the market is held within.

While Asian Markets generally serve similar purposes, that is, the gathering place for trade, they are unique in the way that each are woven deep into the fabric of the cultures where they exist. For decades, or even centuries, they have been a focal point for people of villages and in cities to go for food, trade, but almost equally as important, they are a place of gathering for socialising. They are bustling and full of energy with people moving everywhere, talking, laughing and yelling prices back and forth while moving boxes and crates of food or fish. There is the ever-present sound of knives hitting chopping blocks, cutting the meat or fish and the clanking of metal scales. The sounds of a market can be overwhelming and are part of the total experience. With the increasing development of Asia, these markets are fast disappearing. The land that they sit on is often valuable and the markets are being torn down to make way for large apartment complexes or curtained walled buildings that will yield far more money for the city.

In this ambitious project, Steinhauer presents the essence and energy of these Asian Markets, the last bastions of Asian cultural centres.

About Peter Steinhauer
Born in 1966 in Colorado, USA, Peter Steinhauer has been living and working as a professional photographer in Asia for 20 years.

Steinhauer has exhibited extensively throughout Asia and America and has received numerous international photography awards, including his third PDN Annual Photographic Award of Excellence in 2012 for his Cocoons project, the Black and White Spider Award for Architecture and the One Live Award from PDN in 2011, in numerous categories in the prestigious IPA and PX3 Paris Annual Photography Awards among others.

His works have been included in many public collections such as the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburg, USA; the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong; the US Embassy Hanoi, Vietnam; the US Consulate, Saigon, Vietnam; the US Embassy, Yangon, Burma; Art in Embassies, US State Department, Washington D.C., USA, as well as many corporate and private collections.