Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney - Cologne

Eveline Kotai: Infinite Threads

Eveline Kotai: Infinite Threads

sunshower by eveline kotai

Eveline Kotai

Sunshower, 2012

3,200 USD

white primer #1 by eveline kotai

Eveline Kotai

White Primer #1, 2011

2,200 USD

white linen #1 by eveline kotai

Eveline Kotai

White Linen #1, 2012

Price on Request

on the cross by eveline kotai

Eveline Kotai

On the Cross, 2012

4,900 USD

in the line by eveline kotai

Eveline Kotai

In the Line, 2012

16,000 USD

translation by eveline kotai

Eveline Kotai

Translation, 2012

Price on Request

road trip, detour 1 by eveline kotai

Eveline Kotai

Road Trip, Detour 1, 2012

900 USD

Wednesday, August 8, 2012Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sydney, Australia

Eveline Kotai: Infinite Threads
Opening: Wednesday 8 August, 6 - 8 pm
Exhibition Dates: 8 August - 8 September 2012

Eveline Kotai will be present at the opening.

After the participation in many group exhibition at the gallery and in international art fairs in Hong Kong, Singapore and Seoul, Conny Dietzschold Gallery is delighted to announce the first solo exhibition with recent works by Eveline Kotai, a Perth based artist.
After three decades as an artist, Kotai cites the inspiration behind her freshest work as a fascination with the ‘continued exploration of cause and effect’. Her art practice is inspired by nature and her interest in Buddhist Philosophy. Her approach is influenced by the American Grand Dame of minimal art Agnes Martin and the intricate and humorous paintings by German/Swiss expressionist Paul Klee.
The recent works showcasing a whole new meaning to the concept of recycled art. The intricately patterned images, the result of two year’s work, are delicately stitched collages that employ Kotai’s earlier works by them a new life. Each artwork is made from her existing paintings, which she has cut into strips or rectangles and reconfigured them into new images by stitching the shapes onto canvas or linen, using a sewing machine and transparent nylon thread. ‘I might then enhance this process by masking areas with liquid latex and adding another colour, or by stitching fragments onto another image and incorporating that into the new one,’ said the artist.
The recycling concept began when the trimming from her pre stretched paintings ignited in her a fascination with the jewel-like fragments that fell to the floor. These scraps ‘seemed to contain a DNA and would determine and direct future formations’. The process has spread to further cutting up of her paintings and has triggered experimentation with sequencing of application, underpinning Kotai’s ongoing curiosity in patterns that unfurl naturally.
This recent body of work integrates all of these elements into a series of richly textured and evocative contemporary abstracts. Kotai quotes “I hope the audience will walk away with a curiosity about my methods, but also a new way of pondering the question of the impermanent nature of all things.’

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