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Colin Duncan and Stephan Marienfeld

Colin Duncan and Stephan Marienfeld

Sydney, Australia Saturday, March 12, 2011Wednesday, April 27, 2011
x & y by colin duncan

Colin Duncan

X & Y, 2010

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Sydney, Australia
Saturday, March 12, 2011Wednesday, April 27, 2011

12 March and 27 April 2011


Australian artist Colin Duncan now lives and works in Melbourne. Duncan plays with the notion of the ‘idea’, and how visual media and imagery can communicate ideas as narrative. He works in multi medias, encompassing video work, installation work, wall pieces and floor work to investigate his pursuit.
Within this exhibition in conjunction with Art Month 2011, Duncan’s work draws the viewer into a discrete environment of experiences, demanding attention to the very process of perception, and a presence. He registers light and darkness anticipated the presence of a viewing subject, artworks acting like parodic tributes to his access.
His most recent works constructed from acrylic sheet, enter into the symbolic realm of signage, template decorations, and the now ubiquitous sms shorthand visual menu, seen in the Text Pieces. Whereas most pictograms operate within an agreed system of information exchange, Duncan’s templates seem to deliberately prove that there are many more meanings to be extracted from an encounter with the symbolic.
The Conny Dietzschold Gallery is pleased to newly introduce the Australian artist Colin Duncan in the second exhibition in 2011. He has participated in many national and international exhibitions, such as 11th Biennale of Sydney; Adelaide Biennale of Australian Art; Australia Centre of Photography; The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art; The Sonje Museum of Contemporary Photography; The Fifth Sculpture Triennial, National Gallery of Victoria. His works have been cited for example in Flash Art News, Art in America and Art + Text. We are pleased to welcome Colin Duncan as the newest artist to the Conny Dietzschold Gallery, with special emphasis during Art Month 2011.
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As part of Art Month 2011, The Conny Dietzschold Gallery is pleased to introduce German artist Stephan Marienfeld. Marienfeld ’s luxurious forms envelop an existence that contradicts our notions of sense and uniformity. The constrained ‘Bondage Objects’ exhibited, rope the smooth corpuses within the form. The Bondages presented sit between the aesthetic contrast of the natural and artificial. Our senses are challenged by the harmonious yet battling natures of the works. These new projects are larger-than life sculptures which present themselves as monumental, perfect products in matt white or glassy black.
Marienfeld, a master pupil of internationally renowned British Sculptor Tony Gragg, deals with notions of the presence of the body image and his perceptions. His works are of an inimitable aesthetic portraying a blank-looking elegance. The body is a constant for Stephan Marienfeld which, whilst never emulated realistically, lies in the undertones of his work. The viewer rather discovers a character behind the lifeless objects.
Behind Marienfeld’s expressive figures he also engages with the torso as a species of sculpture, melting emulation of various torsos playfully into one big entity. Whist sometimes lying in recline on the floor, works within the exhibition stand upright on plinths emulating the body and the torso’s positioning within the body.
Marienfeld’s works if the product on countless exhibitions and explorations. He widely exhibits in Germany, for example in the UNESCO-exhibition, Neuss, Galerie Kordes, Kalkar; Galerie des Westens, Bremen; Gustav Luebcke Museum, Hamm; ART FORUM WIESBADEN; Kunst-raum, Essen, Kunsthalle Rotterdam. He received prizes like the Neuss award. This is his first exhibition in Australia.
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