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Anne Scott Wilson

Anne Scott Wilson

Sydney, Australia Wednesday, May 2, 2012Saturday, June 2, 2012
turnreturn # 2 by anne scott wilson

Anne Scott Wilson

Turnreturn # 2, 2011

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Sydney, Australia
Wednesday, May 2, 2012Saturday, June 2, 2012


The exhibition will be opened with a welcome speech by Tim Wilson, Consultant Director, ACP
Australian Centre for Photography. Anne Scott Wilson will be present at the opening.

Videos & Photography by Anne Scott Wilson

Anne Scott Wilson's art practice has been influenced by theatre, cinema and ballet. As a professional dancer she spent time rehearsing, training and choreographing, a time that outweighs the brief moments of glory in performance as a dancer. Transitioning from dancer to visual artist, in some ways reveals the same conditions which exist in visual art practice. Wilson produces works out of a process driven by experimentation, repetition & endurance.

As a dancer Wilson learnt the discipline of endurance and repetition, embodying a language that reflects emotional states and cultural trends. As a visual artist she has the opportunity to look more deeply into the way memory functions within the body and how emotion is stored and expressed through movement. The relationship between stillness and movement is constantly tested in her photography, video, sound and performance works.

The exhibition explores the creative intersections between art and performance in contemporary Australian art. Starting with performance art of the 1970s, this exhibition shows how music and dance, staged photography and film, theatricality and the spectacle of performance infuse vitality into contemporary Australian art.

Wilson completed a PhD in 2009 in Fine Arts at Monash University and has shown internationally and nationally. Wilson has undertaken residencies including Banff Canada, Barcelona Spain, Italy and the UK. Her videos have been included in Singapore Biennale (Gravity); the Athens International Film Festival and the Rotterdam Film Festival. She has recently been selected as finalist for the Scottish Bank Emerging Art Award, the Gold Coast Photography Prize and the Blake Prize.

Im Gespräch – Ballerinas und Schmetterlinge